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Cold Press Juicers

These machines operate via a masticating (chewing) or cold press method to produce a superior juice to their centrifugal counterparts. In contrast to the rough extraction and high speeds of centrifugal juicers, cold press juicers operate at lower speeds and gently compress fruit and vegetables to ‘squeeze’ out their juice.


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  • Ceado CP 150 Primary Photo SALE

    Ceado CP 150

    The CP 150 has just been launched at HOST 2017. A very compact countertop Cold Press Juicer

    Product Code: CEADOCP150

  • Santos Cold Press Juicer 65 Primary Photo SALE

    Santos Cold Press Juicer 65

    Product Code: SANTOS65

  • Zumonat-Z40 Primary Photo SALE


    Product Code: Zumonat-Z40